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An extensive portfolio of high-performance PA6 and PA66 plastic polyamides

Poliblend fulfills a variety of performance requirements ranging from stiffness to heat resistance.

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Poliblend plastics

more of polyamide.


Poliblend is the parent company of a large number of independent companies that are dedicated to the production or distribution of plastic granules.

The exemplary success of Poliblend is based on the great commitment of its long-standing employees.

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more of polyamide.


Poliblend has its own, technically high-quality laboratories for product development and quality control, in which a variety of controls are carried out from the raw material analysis to the testing of the end products.


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more of polyamide.


Most of the profit earned flows back into the company for innovation through new technologies in state-of-the-art facilities and worldwide growth. Not least of all, the customers benefit from qualitative yet cost-effective products.


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Sustainable Applications & Polyamides

In terms of sustainability, Resinex is focusing on plastics that help to minimize the carbon footprint of products.


Poliblend PA6 und PA66

Turbocharger runs thanks to plastic

Weldable solutions withstand pressure and heat. For a long time, plastics have occupied the pole position in decorative and functional designs of the...

Poliblend Flammschutz

Halogen-free flame retardant

An especially designed for use in electrical applications such as contactors, circuit breakers and housing new...


Plastik Müll Problem gesucht

Looking for solutions to Thailand's plastic waste problem

Finding new ways to reduce, reuse or replace disposable plastic in Thailand - that's the challenge of the "lab of tomorrow" (lot) initiative in September.


3D Druck Wachstum

Growth and trends in 3D

Around 4,500 visitors made a pilgrimage to Erfurt last week to learn more about the trends in additive manufacturing at Rapid.Tech and FabCon. No wonder: The growth in 3D printing is for many companies...

Fakuma 2020

Fakuma wants to become even more international

Friedrichshafen plastics fair Fakuma sets in 2020 on digitization, networking and sustainability and scratching the brand of 2,000 exhibitors. A good year before the 27th Fakuma shows organizer Schall optimistic:

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PA66 Kunststoffe

What is Polimid A - A product family based on PA66 - a plastic with high stiffness, abrasion and heat - dimensional stability. That makes it with and without reinforcement - to a material for highly stressed and heat-stressed parts in electrical engineering, in machine, vehicle and apparatus construction.

PA6 Kunststoffe

What is Polimid B - A product family based on PA6 - a polyamide plastic with damping capacity, which is relatively insensitive to shock even in dry cold environment. It is also characterized by high toughness and ease of processing.


PA66/6 Kunststoffe

What is Polimid C - A product family based on a PA66 / PA6 copolymer. These polyamides are in the properties between PA66 and PA6 and is characterized by a good flow behavior.